Residential Glass Hail Damage Repair

The hail storm is not a new thing for the residents in Beverly Hills. But when this devastating natural phenomenon occurs, various things get substantial damage from the hail storm. They can fall in the size of a dice or a baseball. The more the height increased, the more damage it will cause to the property around. Hail can cause substantial damage and wreak havoc in the area. But the most devastating damage that a residential building has to suffer is on glass, whether on glass doors in the exterior or some tabletops and other decorations.

Beverly Hills Glass Company 

We are not the only company working in the area to provide relief and damage repair. But we are indeed the most robust company with sophisticated tools and courteous yet skilled technicians who get trained, experienced, and certified in providing you with the most satisfying services in hail damage repair to the glass installed in your house. Our expert technicians provide you with out of the box ideas and efficient measures that provide you with the lasting solutions that restore your property to its former glory, and you get a safe and secure house once again to live and cherish life.

Hail damage repair services

Following is the list of most common and significant hail damage repair services that people call us in such conditions to restore their property once again to its pre-disaster state:

Damaged windows

Your house’s area and place that bears the direct and fierce attack from the hail storm are your windows. Windows are made of glass regardless of the frame for better visibility and light inside the house. But when there is a hail storm, the glass on the window bears all the storm, and shatter glass attacks get expected after the hail storm.

There are various kinds of hail damage to the windows, depending on the type of window. The most common ones are:

Single glass window

The least amount of security gets provided by this type of window. When there is damage to the single screen glass window, the repair is mostly less expensive, and you don’t have to worry about the time it will take to restore such windows. Our expert technicians provide you with the most satisfying service and take care of such windows in the most affordable ways. Our technicians use modern hardware and replace the glass to make it as right as new.

Double glass window

The double glass window is the structure that provides you maximum security and safety from extreme weather conditions. If the damage gets restricted to the outer panel, the cost might not be higher in repairing the window after the hail damage. But when the hail storm has gone to the next level, and the damage has gotten caused to both the glass screens, the damage repair might cost you more. But our expert technicians provide you with out-of-the-box solutions in providing you with the satisfying services and make your windows as right as new once again.

Exterior glass decoration 

All the glass decorations in the reach of hail storms are repaired and replaced by our expert technicians in the most satisfying ways.