Has your car been unexpectedly damaged by a hailstorm? Are you left worried about the problem, not knowing what to do about it? Worry no more. Beverly Hills Glass is here to offer you a solution.

Auto hail damage can be very frustrating, especially when you don’t have any budget planned for it. Luckily, your insurance company could come in handy.

When you chose to hire us, we can help you sort out the insurance coverage. Usually, your insurance company should be able to cover some of the damages. You can find out from them what they are willing to cover and what they can’t cover. You might be surprised to find out that the repairs aren’t as expensive as you thought.

Since hail damage is extreme in Colorado, you should always rely on a professional company to diagnose the damage; it is wise to call as soon as possible to get the details and getting your damaged property repaired. At Beverley Hills Glass, we will help you access the level of damage. If you’re lucky, the damage won’t be very severe. However, that’s not always the case, and you might need to do a complete replacement of the damaged auto part.

We have the best technicians working for us. As a company that has served the Beverly Hills area for more than ten years, we are more than capable of handling the jobs as our reviews will show you. We will get your car back running as usual in no time.

We will work in line with your insurance company, giving you a solution that will fix your auto damage.

Some of the services we offer our customers include

  • Car damage repair
  • Auto hail – damage
  • Roof damage repair
  • Commercial hail damage repair
  • Residential hail damage repair

Come to us today. Let’s help you handle your auto damage issue. We will give you a solution that will delight you. Contact us today