Commercial Glass Hail Damage Repair

The commercial building is incomplete without the glass on the outer and insides of the building. Your commercial facility can provide safety to the hazardous weather outside. But the glass on the window panels and screens is vulnerable to the hail storm. Whenever there are extreme weather conditions like a hail storm, your building has to suffer the damage. The glass gets hit most by all the debris and ice chunks falling toward the facility. The glass on the outside is not usually bulletproof and hail proof. Your building suffers the most in the event of a hail storm, and the glass inside the building, if it comes in the reach of the hail shower, will also get damaged.

Beverly Hills Glass

 The damage to the building and glass is sometimes difficult to assess by the naïve eye. It would help if you had our expert technicians assess the damage to the building and every piece of glass that has suffered the impact from the hails. The size may range from dice to a softball, and it increases along with the increase in the size of hail drop.

Our expert technicians remain trained in taking care of all the broken glass caused to the building in various portions and different glass structures. Our technicians are trained and certified in the art of providing you the most satisfying services in case of hail damage.

The damage during the storm cannot get taken care of during the hail event. But after the storm, the technicians reach your location and take care of the glass on window panels, screens, glass-front, and door.

Window/Glass hail damage repair

When hail damages the window glass, you need expert technicians to provide you quality installation with knowledgeable glazers who can get it repaired correctly. 

Our expert technicians use modern tools and scientific methods with their experience and knowledge to look for all the broken or cracked areas that can wreak havoc in your building if there is rainfall. The water can easily seep through the broken seal or cracked glass and will destroy your commercial property to a substantial extent. Our expert technicians take care of the seal and smashed windows and repair the glass in your building in the least time possible without disturbing your company routines. 

Storefront glass damage repair

Your commercial building storefront is the place that gets made to provide the first impression to the visitors and customers coming to the facility. When the front glass experiences hail damage, you need our expert and experienced installers to care for the broken or cracked glass. You don’t need to replace the whole structure when there is damage to the glass. Our expert glaziers provide the most sophisticated repair services to keep the design intact and repair the glass panels which have developed the damage.